Personal Information

Viorel Stan is a distinguished figure in the online gaming industry, renowned for his forward-thinking approach and in-depth expertise. Viorel’s journey in the iGaming world started at EveryMatrix in 2011. His tenure there was marked by an impactful period managing the Sportsbook Division, OddsMatrix, before he advanced into the B2C sector where he led all the brands owned by EveryMatrix.

The year 2019 was a turning point for Viorel when he co-founded GSH Online Media. Under his leadership, the company rapidly rose to prominence in the iGaming affiliate industry. As CEO, Viorel has been pivotal in steering the strategic course of the group and elevating brands like SlotsCalendar and Betbrain to esteemed positions in the online gaming community.
Viorel’s academic background is as varied and extensive as his professional path. He built a solid technical foundation in high school, later exploring Marketing and International Affairs at university. His commitment to continuous learning led him to acquire a Master’s in Financial Management and Capital Markets and an Executive MBA from top institutions in Romania and the USA.
At the heart of Viorel’s ethos is a firm belief in the power of hard work and dedication, encapsulated in his motto, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” This principle not only drives his quest for excellence but also serves as a guiding principle for GSH Online Media under his direction.

In his ongoing role, Viorel Stan remains dedicated to pioneering new frontiers and achieving unprecedented heights in the dynamic world of online gaming.