Personal Information

Shakyra’s journey with Betsson Group commenced in 2012, marking the inception of a remarkable professional trajectory. Embarking on her career as an Account Manager, she swiftly ascended the ranks, assuming the role of Planning and Execution Manager for Betsafe. In 2017, Shakyra transitioned to the affiliate team, where she currently serves as an integral part of a central affiliate team comprised of 15 adept professionals, including her own dedicated team.

Shakyra oversees essential functions such as affiliate onboarding and offboarding, compliance and due diligence procedures, as well as providing steadfast support.

Reflecting on her impactful 12-year tenure, Shakyra articulates her pride and honour in being an integral part of the Betsson Group’s ‘universal family.’ Collaborating with a dynamic and passionate team, she emphasizes the collective pursuit of results with a shared vision. Encouraged to lead with a focus on fostering a harmonious work-life balance, Shakyra acknowledges the profound impact this ethos has had on sculpting a distinct niche within her professional journey.