Personal Information

Magda is a dedicated Safer Gambling Officer at EveryMatrix, specializing in Safer Gambling and regulatory compliance within the iGaming industry. As a dynamic member of the Safer Gambling Committee at EveryMatrix, she plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s commitment to Safer Gambling practices, not only through meticulous policy reviews and procedural enhancements but also by fostering a people-centric approach on practical improvements.

She played a key role in EveryMatrix, becoming the first iGaming provider to earn the prestigious WLA Safer Gambling certification.

With a background in quality assurance and organizational management, Magda brings a hands-on approach to her role, emphasizing stakeholder engagement and fostering innovation in EveryMatrix’s Safer Gambling initiatives. Eager to share insights, she is passionate about addressing challenges, ensuring ethical practices, and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on Safer Gambling at the upcoming conference.