Personal Information

Frederico Camara, boasting nearly 18 years of experience in growing tech businesses and renowned as a serial entrepreneur, has recently joined Alts Digital with a focus on expanding its affiliation products. In his capacity as Head of Sales, Frederico assumes responsibility for comprehensively understanding all relevant data points across the player journey.

Alts Digital, a seasoned player in Lead Generation with over 6 years of expertise in iGaming SEO, stands as a trusted source for quality traffic across multiple geographies. Frederico’s role involves optimizing every aspect of the player journey, from attracting leads to providing them with the most relevant content, ultimately maximizing conversion from click to FTD.

With partnerships established with top-tier brands spanning various geographies, Alts Digital is uniquely positioned to benchmark results and determine the most effective strategies for engaging potential players. Frederico leverages this network and industry insight to drive Alts Digital towards sustained growth and excellence in the competitive landscape of online marketing.