Personal Information

Alma is a seasoned legal executive with over a decade of experience navigating the complex terrain of regulated industries, including fintech, finance, and, most recently, the igaming sector. In December 2023, Alma took on the role of Head of Legal and Compliance at RAW iGaming, located in Malaga, which is quickly becoming one of the most closely watched and promising new players in the B2B gaming sector.

Alma’s journey prior to this has been equally fulfilling, highlighted by a nearly three-year tenure at Bragg Gaming, a globally recognized and publicly traded B2B igaming company. There, Alma honed her skills in managing intricate legal challenges and cultivated a strong culture of compliance, a feat that led her team to be nominated for the Best Legal Team at the Vixio Global Gaming Awards in 2023, standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the most prestigious competitors in the industry.

Before venturing into the igaming world in 2020, Alma led the legal departments of an international asset management firm and an award-winning fintech startup. These experiences have leveraged her skill set to promote legal excellence and steer through the regulatory mazes of today’s dynamic regulated markets, such as igaming. Alma’s diverse background has only refined her expertise and gave her the affinity to craft compliance strategies and governance frameworks that try to be consistently proactive and sustainable while maintaining the highest possible standards of compliance.